What we do.

Each project poses its own set of challenges; we go to great length to help our customers find solutions that meet their long-term strategic goals. These solutions are designed and implemented from the bottom up, focusing on flexibility and maintainability. We use the latest techniques and innovative technologies for the solutions we deliver.

UI Design

Good design is good business. Our solutions are scalable, robust, secure, and maintainable. We take pride in providing quality services and solutions to our customers.

UX Analysis

Our team has decades of combined expert usability and design knowledge. We engage stakeholders throughout the entire process.

Big Data

We work closely with our partners to decipher the meaning of their unstructured, semi-structured or structured data sets to design and implement storage strategies for presenting the right visualization experience to meet and exceed the business goals.


Improving Solutions by Focussing on the User Experience

Unique Experience

We deliver a work of art

The user interface is the window through which the world experiences website, application, or system. Even the most sophisticated code and transcendent designs fail if the site lacks usability. A powerful user interface bridges the distance between the human brain and the digital product. Understanding human behavior is critical to unlocking an exceptional user experience. Whether refreshing an existing website or starting one from the ground up, our team can help in creating a unique new experience for the world see.

A Powerful Big Data Partner

We understand the big picture

Our extensive experience with data analytics around the large scale data sets allows us to help streamline our partners data into meaningful metrics that allow for beautiful UI interaction using cutting edge technologies. We love to start with the user stories to drive back-end design through the middle layers, right into the user experience. We understand the big picture, so we design knowing all the cutting edge capabilities of modern technology. Because we are with our customers from concept to delivery, we can execute with speed and agility.

Consulting Services

We bring innovation

We work with you through all phases of the software development lifecycle to bring you innovative cutting edge designs and solutions.We work with you through all phases of the software development lifecycle to bring you innovative cutting edge designs and solutions. These solutions are designed to scale dynamically as your company grows. By working closely with you and understanding your requirement, we help take your business into the future.

Look What We Have Delivered!

Our Work

I Feel the Need… the Need For Speed

Measures network performance where it matters, on the device.

Not your typical speed test application. Provides invaluable insights into subscriber experience. Has the ability to create, assign and track work orders for planning drive tests and In-Building coverage measurements.

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Maps, Dashboards, Data Grids, Oh My!

Near real-time coverage metrics and KPI's.

A one-stop toolbox designed to identify of all coverage and capacity related issues. Foresight contains intuitive visualizations, advanced analytics, and state of the art spatial rendering. It leverages state-of-the-art Big Data analytic capabilities to identify, predict, and remediate issues in near-real time, minimizing end-customer impact.

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The Wizard of the Enterprise

Where Consolidation Follows the Digital Brick Road

Disparate enterprise toolsets, multi-vendor mayhem, needs a consolidated platform. Our approach to this problem is a modern modular design that leaves the monolithic approach where the wicked witch now lives, six feet under. Our design and data integration projects are about genuinely understanding our customers business needs. By understanding, it affords us the ability to making an ideal, demonstrated solution for every challenge we embrace.

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Data was meant to be easy

Only when you streamline the pipelines.

The scene; massive data sets, multiple throughput rates, adaptors galore == catastrophic failure in your data pipelines. Why? Because the design didn't guarantee delivery or the ability to scale out (Old school thinking, in a modern data driven world). With a little ForeSight engineering embracing distributable technologies such as Kafka + Akka + Data Serialization Protocols we created a streamlined framework that scaled as demand increased, guaranteed data delivery, removed business logic from the pipelines to minimize operational and development debt and guaranteed the ability to dynamically on-board new streams without touching a single line of code. Like we said, data was meant to be easy.

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The Eye in the Sky

We are watching.

As the demand for video increases so does the need to monitor the surroundings in which the eyes will pry. And when the camera is viewing it needs a way to alert at scale and in realtime. By embracing current technologies we were able to monitor and alert on events at scale. And when those events were triggered, we would watch and share with the eye in the sky what was going on in those locations. They say Hadoop is just the little elephant for storing data, we say it’s the elephant that allows one to detect events at scale and ensuring those video feeds never go away. Like the old aged goes, be careful, for we will detect your every move and predict your next.

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Device, Device Wherever You Are

Why do what a machine can do for you?

Engineers need a way to monitor their environments without having to run reports consistently. Blah blah blah... Ok, now here is the real deal. IoT is more than just another data capture arena to play in. IoT is about capturing your sensor’s data and visualizing it in a way that shows value with your investment. How? By discovering and maintaining your devices while collecting the information utilizing an advanced visualization layer. Oh, did I mention that we also built a framework to manage and collect the devices digital waves where you can ride it into a rich UI experience? We do IoT at scale.

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Some friends we have made along the way.

Thanks to Alt Shift Creative, our product exceeds our own expectations and that's not easy.

~ Kevin, Senior Manager

We can now reach customer segments who were previously well out of our reach.

~ Sal, Owner

Creativity and ingenuity flow from these guys. I couldn't be happier with the final result.

~ David, President



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